Case Studies

Cynosure implements lean six sigma
and improve plant performance
with reduced costs

One of our clients from the hospitality industry was facing serious growth issues and had depleted value in the market. It needed an investment guide in the sector of innovation as well to stay ahead of the competition. Cynosure incorporated techniques of lean six sigma and not only improved the organization's performance, but also saved cost by 15% and enhanced flexibility.

The Problem Statement

The client was losing market value and facing very stagnant growth in its primary channels. In order to stay in the competition, the client had to:

  • Work on improving its manufacturing facilities to reduce costs and increase productivity.
  • Adapt more innovative ideas.
  • Use the funds from the present operational unit in innovations.

Our Methodology

We incorporated the Six Sigma DMAIC approach and lean principle to improve the entire Organization’s performance. We could easily identify 39 initiatives and prioritized them to improve the complete organization’s performance. We trained almost all the staff on various belts of Lean Six Sigma so as to inculcate the culture of process excellence. We also executed some of the projects and mentored many to realize the overall improvement.

The Results

We could implement the recommended solutions, reduce costs by 18%, and increase flexibility. We also aligned all the processes in order to achieve our objectives.