Case Studies

Turning Resources into Growth of
Insurance Company Branches

An insurance organization had typical and serious issues with resource management which was hampering the company's growth strategy. We determined that the most cost-effective strategy was to identify areas of opportunities within the resources available.

The Situation

The organization was facing critical issues in dealing with and management of resources. It actually had no capacity model in place and was facing a shortage of staff in some of its branches which were levying a major impact on service quality. We realized the organization had the following issues:

  • No categorization of Branches
  • Unutilized/underutilized FTE in various branches
  • No capacity model in place
  • Shortage of staff in a few branches had a major impact on service quality

Our Approach

We followed the six sigma and lean principles and strategized the processes and developed a capacity model for the branches. The process was identified for the centralization through time and motion study. A relief pool was created to act as a survivor in case of emergencies.

The Results

By enhancing the operational strategies, the organization was able to disrupt a costly new expansion and production significantly. The results achieved were:

  • Excess capacity of 34 FTE identified and redeployed to different areas in the branches
  • Staffed Branches according to the categorization ensuring 100% service quality
  • Branch staff utilization increased from 45% to 82%